Project: Online youth campaign for high school graduates “Royal Prom”

“Royal Prom,” an online campaign aimed at high school grads, with the aim of capturing their attention and inspiring action.

Right after establishing the QR Society Association, we carried out an independent survey that confirmed the outcomes of prior studies regarding the youth and their post-COVID condition, deepening the existing disinterest towards youth activism and community policy involvement.

The concept for the “Royal Prom” online campaign originated from discussions with the Youth Council of the Bitola Municipality and representatives from high school Graduation Boards, as an urgent need for a public effort to motivate young people and encourage them to take action and participate in advocacy, organization and personal campaigns.

In response to this critical need for young individuals, we made the decision to quickly organize the “Royal Prom – Bitola 2022” campaign, utilizing primarily our own capacities and investments.

As the campaign progressed and the local community’s interest grew, the Bitola Municipality got involved with limited support, as well as some businesses who viewed it as a competition among high school graduates, providing small prizes for students.

Despite the challenges of a tight deadline, limited funding, and low visibility, the “Royal Prom” campaign was a huge success:

With 900 participants and 551 photos submitted

34 participants were awarded from 16 photos

During the 28-day campaign, it received:

20,000 votes in 15 days

15,000 re-voting attempts

50,000 visits

20,000 Facebook interactions

28,000 Instagram views and 1200 reactions

210,000 TikTok views and 900 shares

Not a single negative comment was received.

The “Royal Prom” campaign, despite its challenges and limitations, was highly successful and gained significant attention both locally and nationally. Its impact inspired similar initiatives in other cities, and there is ongoing anticipation for the next “Royal Prom” among upcoming high school graduates in 2023.

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The project “And She Can Do It Like Him”

The project “And She Can Do It Like Him” aims to promote equal opportunities and gender equality, breaking down gender barriers and empowering women to reach their full potential. The project strives to showcase that women can excel in all fields, just as equally as their male counterparts. By creating a supportive environment, providing access to resources and opportunities, and raising awareness of gender biases, the project aims to create a world where women have equal opportunities to succeed.

The “And She Can Do It Like Him” project was a collaboration with the Commission for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Bitola, who partially funded the project. The aim was to educate and uplift women by helping them develop skills typically considered “men’s work”, and this objective was successfully achieved through a workshop attended by 20 women at a car mechanic.

The project also involved the creation of a booklet, which served as a brief guide for women on boosting their confidence as car drivers. The contents were made available to a wider audience through the use of a QR code, which linked to a comprehensive version on the website kepenci.mk

Additionally, this project also aims to promote equal opportunities and gender equality in the workplace by challenging gender-based job limitations and empowering women to pursue careers in male-dominated industries.

The positive impact of the project was noticed by the women who participated, as well as by their families and friends, who became more aware of the importance of breaking gender-based stereotypes in the labor market and society as a whole. The project’s success has also led to increased interest from other organizations and institutions in similar initiatives and the promotion of gender equality.

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